Why Do I Need a Backlit Keyboard Laptop

Published by Ancreu Technology Co., Ltd. 2024-05-14

What is a backlit keyboard?

A backlit keyboard is a keyboard that contains a light underneath the keys. The backlight illuminates the letters and symbols on the keys to make them visible in low light environments. The print on the keys is semi-transparent, so the light underneath will shine through it like a window.Oftentimes, the backlight also illuminates the tiny space that surrounds the key, which further enhances the visibility of the keyboard. Most backlit keyboards allow you to adjust the brightness levels.

Backlit keyboard versus standard keyboard

There’s little difference between a backlit keyboard and a standard keyboard except for the fact that the backlit keyboard will light up in the dark.Both membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards may be built with backlights.

Benefits of a backlit keyboard

If you choose to use your laptop outside of an office environment, you might unexpectedly lose access to light, which may render the backlight necessary.

1. Home use

If there’s a power outage and you lose electric light, you’ll still be able to type away at your laptop keyboard if it’s backlit.

If you’re tucked in bed watching a movie on Netflix, a backlight can help you type your desired title into the search bar. A backlight is, above all else, a convenience. And sometimes convenience alone is worth investing in.

2. Public transit

 A backlit keyboard is helpful when you’re on a red-eye flight or when you’re night traveling by car or train. It gives you just enough light to do what you need to do, without disturbing anyone nearby.

3. Field work

Backlit keyboards are helpful if you work in the field - especially if you work at night.

4. Dark rooms

If you’re working in a dark space, or if your vision isn’t great in dimmer settings, a backlit keyboard may come in handy

Zoned backlighting

You’ll find a variety of gaming keyboards that are backlit by other colors, like blue or green. Some keyboards have several different backlight colors all in one - this is called zoned backlighting.

Zoned backlighting means you’re able to assign different backlight colors to specific keys. A PC gamer uses a plethora of keys to do virtual combat, so zoned backlighting helps to simplify the keyboard interface through visual segmentation.

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