What is the difference between 2.4G and Bluetooth connection

Published by Ancreu Technology Co., Ltd. 2024-05-14

2.4GHz wireless technology is a short-distance wireless transmission technology, which has the advantages of two-way transmission, strong anti-interference, long transmission distance (short-distance wireless connection technology) and low power consumption. Bluetooth technology, which is a wireless transmission protocol based on 2.4G technology, and Bluetooth standard is 2.402mi 2.480g band, is different from other 2.4G technologies and is called Bluetooth technology because of the different protocols and the fact that Bluetooth technology is not free.

2.4G wireless connection.

For competitive peripherals, limited by Bluetooth technology protocol, some functions cannot be done by Bluetooth,  so many peripheral companies will use their own 2.4GHz wireless technology, through development and optimization, so that the game mouse in the wireless connection state has the same millisecond rate of return as the wired connection, and it will also optimize battery power consumption and improve battery life for the game mouse.

For example, the Daryou A Series A918 Wireless Game Mouse uses  2.4G wireless connection technology, has an effective transmission distance of up to 10 meters, can provide a better connection signal, has the USB report rate of 1000Hz/1s and further optimizes battery power consumption, and uses a No. 5 battery power solution, which can be used continuously for up to 260 hours when the battery is fully charged.


It is a wireless technical standard, which can realize short-distance data exchange between fixed devices, mobile devices and building personal local area networks, and is commonly used in peripherals (mouse, keyboard, headphones, etc.). On the other hand, Bluetooth has an one-to-many working mode, which does not need to be connected by an external receiver, but only needs the device to have a Bluetooth module to achieve code pairing.

Such as Daryou LK 200Bluetooth keyboard, using Bluetooth wireless connection technology,  can be connected to almost any Bluetooth device; Daryou LK 200Bluetooth keyboard can switch seamlessly between three paired Bluetooth devices by pressing the channel selection key.

How to choose 2.4G and Bluetooth?

2.4G wireless connection technology is more robust and stable in connection performance (millisecond response technology, plug and play, low power consumption, etc.). 2.4G wireless products must be equipped with NANO receiver, which can only achieve one-to-one operation mode.

Bluetooth wireless connection technology does not need a receiver, only needs the Bluetooth module function on the device to connect, and can realize one-to-many working mode at the same time, but it must be code-to-code connection, which is limited by Bluetooth protocol. In the single point performance, it can not achieve part of the competitive performance of 2.4G.

Thus we draw a conclusion that for competitive games, which require high wireless stability, we prefer to use 2.4G wireless connections, while in office and daily use, Bluetooth connection technology can be connected to a wider range of devices. One-to-many working mode is also more convenient.

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