Ancreu Custom Order for Tiny TWS Earbuds with APTX QCC 3020

Published by Ancreu Technology Co., Ltd. 2024-05-14

ANCREU OEM Order for Tiny TWS Earbuds with APTX QCC 3020

Order Qty: 2000pcs of Smallest size tws earbuds with APTX QCC3020

Product: True Wireless Earbuds

Country: India


This is an OEM Order for our Smallest size tws earbuds with APTX QCC3020, Our customer is from India and he own Industrial Zone over 1500 square meter in India. We get in contract at the year of 2020 and he selected around 8 different samples from us. And after receiving the sample and compare with other seller samples, this tiny design TWS earbuds are choosed finally.


Then we started to make samples with branded his own logo on both earbuds and charging box. Photos for example:

After sample received and he is very satisfied with the quality and sound, then we start to make bulk order production and delivery goods in expected time


This Tiny TWS Earbud is premium quality earbuds yet with cheaper price, it is perfectly suit for Any Distributor or Brand Company in Electronics for yong workers or colleague students.

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